Student Fellows (Interns) at The GovLab

The GovLab’s mission is to improve people’s lives by changing how we govern. GovLab believes in rewarding dedicated students who support this mission and who have a demonstrated interest in and commitment to studying, testing and promoting open governance innovations to the betterment of our public institutions––through paid positions and opportunities in the field in the form of a renewable fellowship position.

This competitive fellowship is open to graduate students who take up residence at the GovLab’s office (Metrotech Center, Brooklyn) and help to carry out the GovLab’s mission and run its programs in close collaboration with GovLab leadership and full-time staff. Student Fellows play a central role in managing and shaping the organization and its projects and will receive a desk and are treated as full members of the GovLab team. They are included in all training, seminars, and events and have myriad opportunities for research and publication. They will receive a stipend (in addition to work-study compensation if available) for their contributions to the GovLab.

Fellows are expected to:

  • Commit to three semesters of work (plus Summer) – GovLab invests heavily in our Student Fellows and provides myriad coaching, mentoring, training, publication, and professional development opportunities. To take full advantage, Student Fellows we accept will be expected to be available to commit to at least 3 semesters and a summer, though the option will be contingent upon Fellow performance, which will be evaluated after the first three months of work.
  • Work 20 hours per week – Because GovLab works with partner institutions to deliver projects aimed at tackling real world problems, we work on a schedule with deadlines and deliverables. Hence we are looking for reliable Student Fellows who are willing to commit to us – and to whom we can commit – to do serious work consistent with the demands of the academic calendar.
  • Be in the office on a regular and fixed schedule at GovLab HQ at NYU Poly (Metrotech Center, Brooklyn) – To realize the full benefit of the peer-to-peer learning and camaraderie, and to help other interested students and individuals who want to learn more about GovLab––Fellows are expected to be in the office on a regular basis with consistent hours. Fellows are also welcome to use the office on off-hours to do school work. They should think of GovLab as their home away from home.

Successful applicants will be those who:

  • Work professionally and with the highest standards of care – We are seeking Student Fellows who will “go the extra mile” and are passionate about what we do and who want to immerse themselves in the field.
  • Demonstrate a willingness to contribute in a wide variety of ways to the activities of GovLab and to work collaboratively with other Student Fellows – Applicants should consult the GovLab website to gain an understanding of what we do and should be up for investing in understanding the organization in order to find ways to which they are capable of meaningfully contributing. Flexibility, a collaborative spirit, and responsiveness to rapidly evolving challenges are key to success in this position.
  • While a background in technology is not required, the successful applicant must be comfortable with and willing to learn about and work with technology – Existing technology skills and/or a passion to learn will count favorably toward selection and should be specified by the applicant.

Activities of a GovLab Student Fellows will include:

  • Work as a team member of a variety of projects across GovLab.
  • Helping to maintain the GovLab blog and social media presence.
  • Attending events and conferences and sharing learning back with the GovLab team in the form of blogs and presentations.
  • Assisting in the creation of the GovLab Annual Report and the development of new GovLab communication efforts and events.
  • Supporting GovLab staff in research and projects.
  • Conceptualizing and designing new initiatives to further GovLab’s mission.

To Apply:

  • All interested applicants should apply by submitting the following to [email protected]:
  • Cover Letter.
  • Resume.
  • Relevant writing sample.

For more information: Please visit or email [email protected] with any additional questions.


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