A chance to help shape the global Open Data movement

Open Data is one of the most powerful tools that governments have to engage their citizens. Data about government operations can increase transparency and accountability; regulatory data helps make markets more efficient; and Open Data of many kinds can be a resource for business development, a trend we’re studying through the Open Data 500. Next week, several of us from The GovLab will be in London for conferences held by the Open Data Institute and the Open Government Partnership, and other meetings on Open Government and Open Data.

In the run-up to this week of international meetings, a new group called the Global Open Data Initiative has released an “open data declaration” and asked for public comment by November 8. The GODI is run by a number of civil society organizations that hope to help shape Open Data policy worldwide. By commenting on the declaration, you can also have an impact on the future of Open Data work.

The declaration has seven key statements about how Open Data should be run:

  • Make data open by default
  • Put the users first
  • Provide no-cost access
  • Put accountability at the core
  • Invest in capacity
  • Improve the quality of official data
  • Enact legal and political reforms to create more open, transparent and participatory government

These are all significant recommendations, coming at a critical time in the development of Open Data policy. Check out the declaration, add your comments, and help develop the Open Data movement worldwide.

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