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About The GovLab Academy:

Today most organizations, especially government, work behind closed doors. If we believe that working together in diverse groups we can tackle the problems we cannot solve alone, we have to learn new habits: how to work openly and participate effectively.  Whether learners are committed to addressing climate change or domestic violence, science education in America or organic farming in India, The GovLab Academy is a place for purpose-drive learners to acquire the mindset and skillset for open and collaborative work.

Funded by The John S. and James L. Knight FoundationThe GovLab Academy is a free, online community for those interested in teaching and learning how to open their institutions and work more collaboratively to solve public problems that improve people’s lives.  A partnership between The GovLab and MIT Media Lab’s Online Learning Initiative, the site launching today offers curated videos, podcasts, readings and activities designed to enable the purpose driven learner to deepen his or her practical knowledge at her own pace.

The site features both curated content drawn from a variety of sources and original interviews with innovators from government, civil society, the tech industry, the arts and academia talking about their work around the world implementing innovations in practice, what worked and what didn’t, to improve real people’s lives.

Future releases of the site will include using behavioral economics and randomized control trials, prizes and citizen science for policymaking. The Academy is soliciting participation by policy entrepreneurs, technologists, civil society activists, academics and artists willing to mentor participants in using these and other innovations to solve concrete problems.

We believe that by learning to work together in diverse groups, work openly, and participate effectively, we can tackle the problems we cannot solve alone.


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