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Sourcing the 100 Questions that Matter: State of Play, Lessons Learned, and Next Steps

Alexandra Shaw and Stefaan Verhulst It was launched in late May 2019 by The GovLab with initial funding from Schmidt Futures. We seek to map the world’s 100 most pressing, high-impact questions that could be answered if relevant datasets were leveraged in a responsible manner. As such, we developed a new participatory methodology for defining […]

Adolescent Mental Health: Using A Participatory Mapping Methodology to Jointly Identify Key Topics, Questions, and Priorities for Future Work and Data Collaboration

By Alexandra Shaw, Andrew J. Zahuranec, Andrew Young, Stefaan G. Verhulst, Jennifer Requejo, Liliana Carvajal Adolescence is a unique stage of life. The brain undergoes rapid development; individuals face new experiences, relationships, and environments. These events can be exciting, but they can also be a source of instability and hardship. Half of all mental conditions manifest by […]