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Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX) Announces New Partners and New Publications

Launched in April, the Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX) seeks to improve the evidence base on how to change the way we solve problems and make decisions by curating and making accessible a diversity of findings on innovations in governance. We are delighted to share some recent updates: CONTENT: The site has since expanded substantially […]

New Project: Data Collaboratives to Improve Children’s Lives

As public problems grow in complexity and increasingly require new insights, decision-makers both inside and outside government have begun exploring ways to be more data-driven and collaborative. Several of society’s greatest challenges—from addressing climate change to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals—require greater access to data, ability to analyze particular kinds of datasets, and collaboration between […]

NEW Platform for Sharing Research on Opening Governance: The Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX)

Today,  The GovLab, in collaboration with founding partners mySociety and the World Bank’s Digital Engagement Evaluation Team are launching the Open Governance Research Exchange (OGRX), a new platform for sharing research and findings on innovations in governance. From crowdsourcing to nudges to open data to participatory budgeting, more open and innovative ways to tackle society’s […]

Studying Data-Driven and Collaborative Innovation in Governance

By Andrew Young and Stefaan Verhulst Two years ago, the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance was launched to build an empirical foundation and fundamental understanding of how the redesign of democratic institutions influences effectiveness and legitimacy in governance, to the end of improving people’s lives. Much has changed since. Interest in open government has increased […]

Out to Tinder: Beth Simone Noveck on using citizen expertise in government

By Gavin Freeguard, cross-posted from Institute for Government Government needs to be better at ‘dating’ its citizens and match demand to supply like Tinder, according to Professor Beth Simone Noveck. But rather than being a match of the romantic variety – the dating app’s speciality – this is about matching citizen expertise to the challenges government […]

New #ODimpact Release: How is Open Data Creating Economic Opportunities and Solving Public Problems?

Proponents of open data have long argued that the release of government information to the public could result in meaningful impact for citizens. To date, though, little evidence has demonstrated the real-world impacts of open data. Indeed, the field has lacked a taxonomy or framework to help measure and assess the effects of the broad […]

The Innovation the Grantmaking Process Needs

By Beth Simone Noveck and Andrew Young Cross-posted from Governing The way governments give out money to solve problems is stuck in the past., which celebrated its fifth anniversary this fall, is a federal website that showcases requests by government agencies for the public to tackle hard problems in exchange for cash prizes and other […]

Playful Yet Powerful: Colorful Artworks on Display at the GovLab Echo the Organization’s Message

Cross-posted from NYU Tandon School of Engineering   The GovLab at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering uses technology and science to transform governance, and now the organization’s offices are undergoing a transformation of their own, with the installation of two large and striking pieces of art. Each piece was donated by an artist who had […]

Beth Simone Noveck Talks with TechRepublic about Her New Book Smart Citizens, Smarter State

The GovLab’s director Beth Simone Noveck recently discussed her new book Smart Citizens, Smarter State and what government can learn from the tech industry with TechRepublic. The conversation touched on the rollout of the U.S. Open Government Initiative, the societal impacts of greater access to data, and the potential for collaboration and targeting opportunities for participation to help solve public problems. […]

Exploring the Role of Data in “The Coming Age of the Internet of Things”

Yesterday, the NYU Tandon School of Engineering hosted Vint Cerf, one of the “fathers of the Internet” and the Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist at Google for a discussion on “The Coming Age of the Internet of Things.” Cerf’s keynote discussion focused particularly on the need for citizens to gain greater understanding and control of how […]