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Mexicans Use CrowdLaw to Fight Corruption

Corruption affects a country’s delivery of public services, economic growth, perception of legality, and social fabric. Although in its multiple forms corruption is present in every country, in some countries it has larger and more dangerous repercussions than in others. The scale of corruption in Mexico is asphyxiating: 9% of GDP, according to the World […]

Open Source Drug Discovery: Curing Neglected Diseases With Crowdsourcing

RSVP here.  Professor Samir Brahmachari’s lecture will focus on the use of open innovation, citizen science and crowdsourcing to accelerate and lower the cost of drug development to achieve “affordable healthcare for all.”  He will tell the story of the Open Source Drug Discovery project (OSDD), which has been accelerating groundbreaking innovation in the design […]

Dr. Samir K. Brahmachari on the Open Source Drug Discovery project

Written by Beth Noveck and Irene Tello Arista (Here is a link to the transcript of the talk) In India and around the world, thousands of primarily poor people die every day from tuberculosis. There has been no new TB treatment developed in forty years and resistance to existing drugs is increasing. Because TB disproportionately […]