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Designing Services with the Public

Ideas Lunch Blog Post Chelsea Mauldin has worked extensively with New York City and federal agencies, for whom she’s designed services with affordable-housing applicants, seniors enrolling in Medicare, and public-school students with disabilities, among others. In this talk, Chelsea will describe experiences and outcomes from applying collaborative design strategies in a public-interest context. About Chelsea […]

The Dangers of Evidence-Based Sentencing

At the GovLab we are big proponents of evidence-based decision making. However, if the evidence is insufficient, or if it is applied incorrectly, these decisions can have very harming effects. In the US, African Americans represent 13% of the population yet represent 37% of the prison population. Sixty percent (60%) of black male high school dropouts […]

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The Social Design Movement: Reflections on the intersections between design, public policy and social innovation

Ideas Lunch Blog Post In this talk, Lucy Kimbell will share findings from the recently published report she co-authored mapping the emergence of “social” design and reflect on the intersections between academic research, policy, activism and social innovation. This report was commissioned by the UK’s Arts and Humanities Research Council to inform strategy about research […]

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Better Understanding Through Visualizations

Social issues often remain hidden until brought to light by events such as the Ferguson, MO protests. When this happens, the media will employ the use of visualizations to help people understand how policy affects these issues. Throughout the past couple of weeks, a lot of media outlets have been outputting data visualizations, maps  and graphics in order […]

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Tumblr Q&A with President Obama

Tuition has increased twelve-fold in the past 30 years! This rate of inflation has even out-paced health care by two. Congratulations class of 2014, you rank #1 in student debt. There are probably many different causes to the constant increase in cost, and there are also many actions the government could take to alleviate the burden on […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 7/17/13

1. All Eyes On The Sharing Economy “Collaborative consumption: Technology makes it easier for people to rent items to each other. But as it grows, the ‘sharing economy’ is hitting roadblocks” 2.  Connecting the Dots, Missing the Story “With Big Data, the government doesn’t need to know the ‘why’ behind anything.” 3. I’ve Seen the Worst Memes of […]

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Democratizing Policymaking Online: Liquid Feedback

Liquid Feedback This week, Beth Noveck kicked off her talk at the Personal Democracy Forum conference by reflecting on the the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S), Italy’s 5 Star Movement, and their use of Liquid Feedback (LQFB), a software for policymaking and political discussion. After its initial deployment by the German Pirate Party, the software has […]