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Hosting an Online Skillshare for Gov 3.0

Every semester in the Gov 3.0 program, we conduct at least one “skillshare,” inviting the participants to teach to and learn from their peers. In past semesters, we’ve conducted these skillshares in person, as all of our participants were NYU students. This year, however, we’re working with a mixed classroom, consisting of 18 NYU students […]

GitHub for Government

In recent years, the online collaboration platform GitHub has become synonymous with open-source innovation. With citizens increasingly calling for governments to open-source their software products (Paul Ford’s recent article on the subject provides a concise summary of why doing so will lead to better software), many have suggested that GitHub could provide a meaningful first step […]

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GovLab Video Tutorial: Introduction to Git and GitHub

GitHub is one of the most popular new platforms in the world of software development. It provides a suite of tools that allows computer programmers to work collaboratively on massive projects with peers around the globe. Increasingly, GitHub is also being used by non-programmers, as a collaborative platform for everything from policy and legal documents […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links 7/19/13

1. FOIA Machine: A Kickstarter project from a group of engineers at the Center for Investigative Reporting that aims to build a “TurboTax for government records,” a user-friendly, web-based tool that will empower non-lawyers to file FOIA requests. 2. Google Tests Encryption to Protect Users’ Drive Files Against Government Demands: Is Google planning to use “zero knowledge” encryption to […]