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The GovLab is heading to London

Next week, many members of the GovLab team will be in London for the annual summits of both the Open Government Partnership and the Open Data Institute, TechCamp London, and a Thompson Reuters roundtable on “Zombie Data.”. It has been a year since our inaugural meeting in London, so it is particularly exciting to be heading […]


Operation Decode San Francisco Will Hack the City’s Legal Code – Vice: Using hackathons and APIs to open up city legal codes. Kickstarter says it consulted scientists before banning genetically-modified organisms – The Verge: Kickstarter bans its users from offering genetically-modified organisms as rewards to project backers. To what extent does this constitute a form of governance and what role […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 8/1/13

Google: We can ban servers on Fiber without violating net neutrality – Ars Technica: Google Fiber uses a common clause in their service agreement to give them the right to boot server-based services from their ISP. But as home server technology becomes more common, does this language violate FCC regulation? Parliamentary report urges Australians to […]

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