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Americans Want to Share Their Medical Data. So Why Can’t They?

Eleni Manis at RealClearHealth: “Americans are willing to share personal data — even sensitive medical data — to advance the common good. A recent Stanford University study found that 93 percent of medical trial participants in the United States are willing to share their medical data with university scientists and 82 percent are willing to share with scientists […]

#TrendingLaws: How can Machine Learning and Network Analysis help us identify the “influencers” of Constitutions?

Unicef: “New research by scientists from UNICEF’s Office of Innovation — published today in the journal Nature Human Behaviour — applies methods from network science and machine learning to constitutional law.  UNICEF Innovation Data Scientists Alex Rutherford and Manuel Garcia-Herranz collaborated with computer scientists and political scientists at MIT, George Washington University, and UC Merced to apply data analysis […]

The Government-Citizen Disconnect

Book by Suzanne Mettler: “Americans’ relationship to the federal government is paradoxical. Polls show that public opinion regarding the government has plummeted to all-time lows, with only one in five saying they trust the government or believe that it operates in their interest. Yet, at the same time, more Americans than ever benefit from some form of […]

Satellites can advance sustainable development by highlighting poverty

Cordis: “Estimating poverty is crucial for improving policymaking and advancing the sustainability of a society. Traditional poverty estimation methods such as household surveys and census data incur huge costs however, creating a need for more efficient approaches. With this in mind, the EU-funded USES project examined how satellite images could be used to estimate household-level […]

The Democratization of Data Science

Jonathan Cornelissen at Harvard Business School: “Want to catch tax cheats? The government of Rwanda does — and it’s finding them by studying anomalies in revenue-collection data. Want to understand how American culture is changing? So does a budding sociologist in Indiana. He’s using data science to find patterns in the massive amounts of text […]

Data Colonialism: Rethinking Big Data’s Relation to the Contemporary Subject

Nick Couldry and Ulises Mejias in Television & New Media (TVNM): “…Data colonialism combines the predatory extractive practices of historical colonialism with the abstract quantification methods of computing. Understanding Big Data from the Global South means understanding capitalism’s current dependence on this new type of appropriation that works at every point in space where people […]

A rationale for data governance as an approach to tackle recurrent drawbacks in open data portals

Conference paper by Juan Ribeiro Reis et al: “Citizens and developers are gaining broad access to public data sources, made available in open data portals. These machine-readable datasets enable the creation of applications that help the population in several ways, giving them the opportunity to actively participate in governance processes, such as decision taking and policy-making. While […]

The economic value of data: discussion paper

HM Treasury (UK): “Technological change has radically increased both the volume of data in the economy, and our ability to process it. This change presents an opportunity to transform our economy and society for the better. Data-driven innovation holds the keys to addressing some of the most significant challenges confronting modern Britain, whether that is […]