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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 8/15/13

A Strangely Beautiful Map of Race in America – The Atlantic Cities: “Demographic researcher Dustin Cable’s Racial Dot Map is staggering both visually and statistically. How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline – Deep Sea News: “The legacy of ancient coastlines, chalk, soil, cotton, and slavery can still be seen today.   African Americans make up over […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 7/25/13

Quantifying cities’ emotional effects – MIT News: “In the latest issue of the journal PLoS One, researchers from MIT’s Media Lab present a new online tool that they hope will help social scientists take a more rigorous look at city dwellers’ emotional responses to their environments. The tool presents online volunteers with pairs of images randomly drawn from […]

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