Blockchange: Blockchain Technologies for Social Change

The GovLab is pleased to announce the launch of a new initiative seeking to assess the potential of blockchain technologies for social change, or “Blockchange.” With support from the Rockefeller Foundation, we will seek to:

  1. Map Blockchange practices as it relates to providing trusted digital identity, including an assessment of enabling challenges and risks;
  2. Identify and assess Blockchange demand, capturing needs, challenges and opportunities; and
  3. Develop a set of evidence-based design principles that can guide the further development and use of blockchain technologies for social change.


The accompanying website for the project,, will serve as an initial platform to solicit input and share our findings with technologists, policy makers and other interested parties.

The new site also aims to become a dynamic hub for the use of blockchain technologies for social change, featuring a repository of Blockchange initiatives from around the globe and useful resources for those working in the space, like selected readings focused on using blockchain for identity and blockchain for transforming governance.

“We’re excited to explore whether blockchain technologies for social change can move the needle to become a transformative force in managing identity, and go even further to help solve other social challenges from development to governance,” said Stefaan G. Verhulst, co-founder and chief research and development officer of The GovLab, and lead investigator of the project. “With the new platform, we can translate learnings into impactful solutions.”

If you’re a researcher and would like to collaborate on Blockchange, please contact us here. To learn more about The GovLab, please visit