The GovLab SCAN – Issue 48

Highlights from this week’s Internet governance SCAN: The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is currently holding its Plenipotentiary Meeting in Busan, South Korea. See the live webcast here. The ITU meeting will be held from October 20 – November 7; topics of significance include ITU’s role in Internet governance and cybersecurity, ITU’s constitution and transparency, and the selection of a new Secretary-General for the ITU.

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Is Crowdsourcing the right tool for your project?

An expert system approach to knowledge management and expertise sharing Generally speaking, crowdsourcing is the process in which an individual, an institution, or an organization proposes to another group of individuals the voluntary undertaking of a participative online activity. Through crowdsourcing governments and organizations have effectively leveraged the collective intelligence of online communities to serve […]

The GovLab SCAN – Issue 47

Highlights from this week’s Internet governance SCAN: U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker made opening remarks at the Opening Ceremony of ICANN’s 51st meeting in Los Angeles this week, highlighting the importance of current Internet governance discussions to the U.S. government; The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is holding its Plenipotentiary Meeting in Busan, South Korea, next week. The meeting will discuss issues that may significantly impact the Internet, as well as the way organizations coordinate the governance of the Internet.

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Realizing the Potential of Open Government Data: The GovLab’s Commerce Roundtable Report

On June 18, The GovLab and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) co-hosted a new kind of data event, together with the U.S. Department of Commerce. We planned and convened an Open Data Roundtable: a day designed to bring together the staff and officials that provide Commerce data with the companies […]

Re-imagining Cities

In cities around the world, digital platforms are bringing together citizens and service providers in innovative ways. In a recent post on Medium Stefaan Verhulst, Co-Founder and Chief of R&D and Julia Root, Adjunct Fellow at the GovLab write about the ways in which we observe cities re-imagining themselves. We point to four distinct ways […]

Towards a User-Centered, Data-Driven Entrepreneurial Approach to Civic Innovation

Guest post by Namrata Mehta, Director, Innovation, Center for Knowledge Societies Based in New Delhi, the Civic Innovation Lab envisions an approach to civic innovation that brings together user-centered systems design, open and crowd sourced data technology, citizen participation and start-up entrepreneurship. In March this year, at the Design Public conclave, we brought together various experts from […]

The GovLab SCAN – Issue 46

Highlights from this week’s Internet governance SCAN: ICANN’s 51st meeting will begin next week in Los Angeles, California. Topics of particular significance include the IANA Stewardship Transition, and the Enhancing ICANN Accountability Process; U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder has argued that increased encryption can make it harder for law enforcement to collect evidence; The European Union may soon have two new digital commissioners – Andrus Ansip and Günther Oettinger – replacing Neelie Kroes, whose term as EU Commissioner for the Digital Agenda is ending.

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New Study: The Open Data 100 Mexico

Open government data is free, public data available to all. It’s a resource with great potential economic and social value. At the GovLab, we’ve been studying the ways that businesses and organizations are using data as a driver for innovation. Our Open Data 500 study now profiles more than 500 US based companies that build […]

New Data for a New Energy Future

(This post originally appeared on the blog of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.) Two growing concerns—climate change and U.S. energy self-sufficiency—have accelerated the search for affordable, sustainable approaches to energy production and use. In this area, as in many others, data-driven innovation is a key to progress. Data scientists are working to help improve […]

Data-Driven Cities: Urban Innovation Goes National

(This post was originally published on the blog of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. ) If the states are “laboratories of democracy,” as Justice Louis Brandeis famously said, then cities can be the petri dishes for technological innovation. With fewer bureaucratic hurdles than both the federal or state governments, and the opportunity for charismatic […]