Calling All Peer Reviewers – Review Our Report on the Impact of Open Data for Developing Economies


Much of our work at the GovLab is premised on the idea that expertise is diffused throughout society, and when demands are matched by often-untapped expertise outcomes can be improved. It’s with that hypothesis in mind that we look to open the peer review process of our research, rather than relying on a ‘usual suspect’ group of domain experts to assess the accuracy and completeness of our work.


After having successfully used an open review process for the GovLab’s Open Data’s Impact project, we are now seeking to get broad input into a new Report on the Impact of Open Data in Developing Economies, developed in partnership with USAID, FHI 360, and the Web Foundation. The report seeks to provide evidence (and subsequent change theory) on the use of open data in a development context. The paper is based upon and complements an overview of the literature and a dozen case studies on uses of open data across a diversity of sectors and developing countries, each of which will also be made open for review in the coming weeks.

How it Works

  • Recognized Peer Reviewers: To sign up to be a Recognized Peer Reviewer, complete this short form to share more about your interest and expertise. Once signed up, we will provide you access to the draft final report along with a brief questionnaire to solicit your input. Upon completing the review, your name (and affiliation) will be added to our list of peer reviewers. Note: The peer review for the final report will close on Friday, December 2nd
  • Open Peer Review: Two weeks after the Recognized Peer Reviewers receive access, the paper will be made openly accessible and linked on the GovLab Open Peer Review hub. Using the comment function in Google Docs, all interested parties will be able to review and share suggestions, clarifications, notes on potential inaccuracies, or any other useful input to inform finalization prior to publication.