CrowdLaw Interviews: The future of participatory law-making

By Victoria Alsina and Anirudh Dinesh.
Watch what the experts we convened at the Rockefeller Conference Center in Bellagio had to say about the future of CrowdLaw

In March 2018, the GovLab convened a group of experts from diverse backgrounds to discuss the challenges, opportunities and the future of “CrowdLaw”- a term we use to describe the practice of designing laws and policies with increased citizen participation and leveraging the latest advances in technology to the end of improving the quality of every stage of the law-making process.

Hosted at the Rockefeller foundation’s famed conference center in Bellagio, Italy, the three-day conference addressed topics including the current state of participatory law-making, the incentives for participation, the application of cutting-edge technologies for engagement and several more. You can read about the conference here.

We asked the participants what they thought of the future of crowdlaw in the short-term and the long-term, the challenges they anticipate and about their favorite CrowdLaw platforms and recorded their responses in a series of short videos which we have compiled as a playlist here. You can also see the full list of participants and links to their individual videos below.

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List of participants (videos hyperlinked):

  1. Robert Bjarnason — President & Co-founder, Citizens Foundation; Better Reykjavik
  2. Pablo Collada — Executive Director, Fundación Ciudadano Inteligente
  3. Luis Cueto Álvarez de Sotomayor — General Coordinator of the Mayor, Madrid City Council
  4. Mukelani Dimba — Co-chair, Open Government Partnership
  5. Cristiano Ferri Faría — Director, Hacker Lab, Brazilian House of Representatives
  6. Nicola Forster — President and Founder, Swiss Forum on Foreign Policy
  7. Scott Hubli — Director of Governance Programs, National Democratic Institute
  8. Julia Keutgen — Technical Adviser, Westminster Foundation for Democracy
  9. Hélène Landemore — Associate Professor of Political Science, Yale University
  10. Raffaele Lillo — Chief Data Officer, Digital Transformation Team
  11. Shu-Yang Lin — re:architect & co-founder,
  12. José Luis Martí — Vice-Rector for Innovation and Professor of Legal Philosophy, Universitat Pompeu Fabra
  13. Jessica Musila — Executive Director, Mzalendo
  14. Tarik Nesh-Nash — CEO & Co-founder, GovRight; Ashoka Fellow
  15. Marta Poblet Balcell — Associate Professor, RMIT University
  16. Sabine Romon — Chief Smart City Officer — General Secretariat, Paris City Council
  17. Veronica Seguel Ilabaca — Chief of Access to Information and Transparency Unit, Chamber of Deputies, Chile
  18. Ehud (Udi) Shapiro — Professor of Computer Science and Biology, Weizmann Institute of Science


  1. Victoria Alsina, Senior Fellow, The GovLab and Faculty Associate at Harvard Kennedy School, Harvard University
  2. Beth Simone Noveck, Director, The GovLab and Professor at New York University Tandon School of Engineering