OPEN NYU: Crowdsourcing Wisely

Identifying and connecting know-how within NYU

In mid-2013, The GovLab was invited to advise New York University on how to use cutting-edge ICT tools for collaborative decision-making. The goal of the NYU project is to identify strategies for NYU to transform how it makes governance decisions by tapping the intelligence and knowledge of a large research university’s diverse community of staff, students, teachers, and researchers. For example, instead of a faculty member having to participate in a committee over the course of a year, he or she could answer questions about his or her area of expertise and thereby utilize her time in relevant ways that are more effective and less time consuming. The GovLab is undertaking pilot projects relating to key university units to explore how crowdsourcing tools can help each unit achieve its mission by working in a more collaborative and engaged fashion. The GovLab will partner with (at least) one school, one committee and one business unit within the University to test whether this form of decision-making is feasible in a variety of settings that make up the traditional university ecology. A network of citizen engagement, crowdsourcing and participatory democracy experts will advise the project as will expert technologists and developers from NEO, who will teach agile and lean design skills.

The GovLab will also work with NYU students and key University personnel to design, deploy, and test different technological platforms for engaging the community to promote more effective university governance. Teams will work with NYU stakeholders to identify needs, articulate metrics and design experiments; develop crowdsourcing models and match those strategies to test sites; and study which technologies for matching people to problems work best in different university governance settings.

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