Erik Johnston and Justin Longo Discuss the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance on Arizona Horizon

This week, MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance member Erik Johnston and Network Post-Doc Justin Longo, both of Arizona State’s Center for Policy Informatics, appeared on Arizona Horizon, a long-running public affairs program on PBS.

In a segment titled “Modern Governance Research,” Johnston and Longo talked with host Ted Simons about the innovative work the Network is undertaking to improve governance along its three core lines of inquiry: getting expertise in, pushing data out and distributing responsibility.

The conversation covered topics ranging from replicating the type of experimentation flourishing online in the governance context to pushing the best evidence-based ideas past political infighting to facilitating useful online dialogue and collaboration in the age of the polemical comment section.

The Research Network’s collection of interdisciplinary experts has big plans for catalyzing the innovation of governance, but Johnston noted that this work will not be done in a vacuum, nor will it require the reinvention of the wheel. He said, “The key is that a lot of people are doing this on their own right now. One of the big goals that we have is to coordinate the efforts so that we have a systematic way of approaching government, instead of a lot of individuals just kind of poking at it.”

You can view the entire discussion here.

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