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GovLab Network Member Joel Gurin launched today a new website: OpenDataNow.com. According to Joel: “Open Data is accessible public data we can use to launch new ventures, analyze trends, make data-driven decisions, and solve complex problems. I’ve been fortunate to see the Open Data movement grow through my work as Executive Vice President of Consumer […]

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Toward Metrics for Re(imagining) Governance

A new paper released by GovLab Research looks into “the promise and challenge of evaluating new practices of problem solving in governance, specifically citizen-engagement interventions.” The purpose of the paper  is to inform those innovators in governance who are eager to start developing a deeper insight into what works. The paper starts from the premise […]

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Policy Science 3.0: Notes from the field

After taking some time to marvel at the websites and mockups coded and designed by our rock star team of volunteers, we continued Day 2 of the #GovLab Experiment: Making Engagement Work with a discussion surrounding policy science and big data.We begin this discussion with the following prompt: What can we learn from policy science […]