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Capitalizing on Creativity at Work: Fostering the Implementation of Creative Ideas in Organizations

Book by Miha Škerlavaj et al: “How does one implement highly creative ideas in the workplace? Though creativity fuels modern businesses and organizations, capitalizing on creativity is still a relatively unchartered territory. The crux of this issue is explored as contributors present and analyze remedies for capitalizing on highly creative ideas. Editors Miha Škerlavaj, Matej […]

Evaluating Digital Citizen Engagement

Worldbank/DEET: “With growing demand for transparency, accountability and citizen participation in policy making and service provision, engagement between citizens and government, as well as with donors and the private sector that deliver government services, is increasingly important.1 Within this, the rapid proliferation of digital tools is opening up a new era of Digital Citizen Engagement […]

The Problem With Evidence-Based Policies

Ricardo Hausmann at Project Syndicate: “Many organizations, from government agencies to philanthropic institutions and aid organizations, now require that programs and policies be “evidence-based.” It makes sense to demand that policies be based on evidence and that such evidence be as good as possible, within reasonable time and budgetary limits. But the way this approach […]

Open Data Button

Open Access Button: “Hidden data is hindering research, and we’re tired of it. Next week we’ll release the Open Data Button beta as part of Open Data Day. The Open Data Button will help people find, release, and share the data behind papers. We need your support to share, test, and improve the Open Data […]

Innovadores de la Red México Abierto

Guest post by Red México Abierto Los gobiernos locales que forman parte de la Red México Abierto se han convertido en pioneros en la publicación y uso de datos abiertos como herramientas clave para detonar valor económico y social en sus comunidades. La publicación de datos abiertos desencadenó proyectos de innovación como Appdata del Ayuntamiento […]

Three and a half degrees of separation

Sergey Edunov, Carlos Diuk, Ismail Onur Filiz, Smriti Bhagat and Moira Burke at Facebook Research: “…How connected is the world? Playwrights, poets, and scientists have proposed that everyone on the planet is connected to everyone else by six other people. In honor of Friends Day, we’ve crunched the Facebook friend graph and determined that the number is 3.57. Each person in the […]

Open government data and why it matters

Australian Government: “This was a key focus of the Prime Minister’s $1.1 billion innovation package announced this month. The Bureau of Communications Research (BCR) today released analysis of the impact of open government data, revealing its potential to generate up to $25 billion per year, or 1.5 per cent of Australia’s GDP. ‘In Australia, users […]

Launch of Research Consortium on the Impact of Open Government Processes

(Cross-posted from The World Bank) Consortium members Mounting anecdotal evidence supports the case for open government. Sixty-nine national governments and counting have signed on as participants in the Open Government Partnership, committing to rethinking the way they engage with citizens, while civil society organizations (CSOs) are increasingly demanding and building mechanisms for this shift.Yet even […]

The rise of the citizen expert

Beth Noveck (The GovLab) at Policy Network: “Does the EU need to be more democratic? It is not surprising that Jürgen Habermas, Europe’s most famous democratic theorist, laments the dearth of mechanisms for “fulfilling the citizens’ political will” in European institutions. The controversial handling of the Greek debt crisis, according to Habermas, was clear evidence […]