Geeks Meet Wonks: Collective Intelligence 2014 Matchmaking Ignite Session


Collective Intelligence 2014

Are you trying to solve a public problem using crowdsourcing?

Want to test whether your citizen engagement project had any impact?

Need to know how to tap the wisdom of the crowd to improve people’s lives?

On June 12th at MIT, come pitch your public interest project to the assembled group of researchers from a variety of fields including computer science, network science, engineering, psychology and design relevant to understanding and designing collective intelligence of many types. In this Matching making Ignite Session “wonks” share compelling public interest projects and invite participation by “geeks” from the research community, who may be interested in designing, developing and/or assessing collective-intelligence-based experiments.

We want you if:

You do work on compelling public problems that impact real people’s lives.

You are interested in finding researchers to help design or assess experiments that use collective intelligence techniques to tackle a specific problem.

You can compellingly and specifically describe one project.

Then: We Want You….to pitch the problem in five minutes at MIT on June 12th from 2-3 pm 

Please send an email with a summary of the project and your wish list for the research community to: [email protected]. Accepted attendees are encouraged and invited to attend the entirety of the conference.

Questions: Email [email protected]

Limited number of slots. Please apply by April 30th

Brought to You By: The Governance Lab

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