GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/11/13

1. Institutional: Opening-up Government Documents

Madison is a platform for discussing and improving government documents and draft legislation through collaboration. Users can comment on proposed legislation, suggest alternative text and vote those suggestions up or down … “a cross between Microsoft Word’s track changes function and crowdsourced reviews on Amazon”.

2. Civil Society: Women and Governance

Recent research suggests women around the world are less informed of current affairs and politics than men.

Other research found that women policy analysts in government were less supportive of sharing knowledge and collaborating with the government colleagues that were men.

Are these findings anomalies, or do they point to some underlying problems with our institutions?

What can we do in designing new governance arrangements that ensure that equality of opportunity to participate translates into equality of participation?
3. Technology: Social Network (Self) Analysis

Immersion is a web-based tool created by two students and a faculty member in the MIT Media Lab that lets you visualize your social network based on the emails in your Google account. Social network analysis views social relationships in terms of nodes (i.e., individuals) and ties (i.e., the relationships between individuals). It is a powerful strategy for understanding information flows and avenues for collaboration.

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