Citizen Science in America’s DNA

Keynote by NOAA Chief Scientist, Dr. Richard Spinrad at the forum  entitled, Tracking a Changing Climate: “Citizen science is part of America’s DNA.  For centuries, citizens not trained in science have helped shaped our understanding of Earth. Thomas Jefferson turned Lewis and Clark into citizen scientists when he asked them to explore the landscape, wildlife […]

Big Data Now

Timothy McGovern at Radar – O’Reilly: “In the four years we’ve been producing Big Data Now, our wrap-up of important developments in the big data field, we’ve seen tools and applications mature, multiply, and coalesce into new categories. This year’s free wrap-up of Radar coverage is organized around seven themes: Cognitive augmentation: As data processing and data […]

Competition-Based Innovation: The Case of the X Prize Foundation

Paper by Hossain, Mokter and Kauranen, Ilkka, in the Journal of Organization Design,/SSRN: “The use of competition-based processes for the development of innovations is increasing. In parallel with the increasing use of competition-based innovation in business firms, this model of innovation is successfully being used by non-profit organizations for advancing the development of science and […]

Survive and Thrive: How Big Data Is Transforming Health Care

Jackie Roche at Pacific Standard: “When you step on a scale, take your temperature, or check your blood pressure, you’re using data from your body to measure your health. Advances in fitness trackers have made health quantification more accessible to casual users. But for researchers, health care providers, and people with chronic conditions, advances in tracking technology, […]

‘Open Up’ Digital Democracy Commission’s Report published

UK Parliament: “The Speaker’s Commission on Digital Democracy has published its report ‘Open Up’. The report recommends how Parliament can use digital technology to help it to be more transparent, inclusive, and better able to engage the public with democracy. Read the Digital Democracy Commission’s full report Read the Summary of the report The Commission’s […]

Open Data Is Finally Making A Dent In Cities

Brooks Rainwater at Co-Exist: “As with a range of leading issues, cities are at the vanguard of this shifting environment. Through increased measurement, analysis, and engagement, open data will further solidify the centrality of cities. In the Chicago, the voice of the mayor counts for a lot. And Mayor Emmanuel has been at the forefront […]

Mapping the Nation: Building a More Resilient Future

New book from Esri: “The fifth book in Esri’s Mapping the Nation series, Mapping the Nation: Building a More Resilient Future is a collection of geographic information system (GIS) maps that illustrate how federal government agencies rely on GIS analysis to build stronger, more resilient communities and help make the world a better place. The […]

Nudging and Choice Architecture: Ethical Considerations

New paper by Cass Sunstein at Yale Journal on Regulation (via SSRN): “Is nudging unethical? Is choice architecture a problem for a free society? This essay defends seven propositions: (1) It is pointless to object to choice architecture or nudging as such. Choice architecture cannot be avoided. Nature itself nudges; so does the weather; so […]