Portugal: Municipal Transparency Portal

“The Municipal Transparency Portal is an initiative of the XIX constitutional Government to increase transparency of local public administration management toward citizens. Here are presented and made available a set of indicators regarding management of the 308 Portuguese municipalities, as well as their aggregation on inter-municipal entities (metropolitan areas and intermunicipal communities) when applicable. Indicators […]

A framework for measuring smart cities

Paper by Félix Herrera Priano and Cristina Fajardo Guerra for the Proceedings of the 15th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research: “Smart cities are an international phenomenon. Many cities are actively working to build or transform their models toward that of a Smart City. There is constant research and reports devoted to measuring the […]

Big Money, Uncertain Return

Mary K. Pratt  in a MIT Technology Review Special Report on Data-Driven Health Care: “Hospitals are spending billions collecting and analyzing medical data. The one data point no one is tracking: the payoff…. Ten years ago, Kaiser Permanente began building a $4 billion electronic-health-record system that includes a comprehensive collection of health-care data ranging from […]

Power to Create

From the RSA: “In his 2014 Chief Executive’s lecture, Matthew Taylor will explore new thinking around the RSA’s core mission: to empower people to be capable, active participants in creating the world we want to live in. The 21st century presents us with challenges of increasing scale and complexity, and yet we are failing to […]

The People’s Platform

Book Review by Tim Wu in the New York Times: “Astra Taylor is a documentary filmmaker who has described her work as the “steamed broccoli” in our cultural diet. Her last film, “Examined Life,” depicted philosophers walking around and talking about their ideas. She’s the kind of creative person who was supposed to benefit when […]

Indonesian techies crowdsource election results

Ben Bland in the Financial Times: “Three Indonesian tech experts say they have used crowdsourcing to calculate an accurate result for the country’s contested presidential election in six days, while 4m officials have been beavering away for nearly two weeks counting the votes by hand. The Indonesian techies, who work for multinational companies, were spurred […]

Can Experts Solve Poverty?

The #GlobalPOV Project: “We all have experts in our lives. Computer experts, plumbing experts, legal experts — you name the problem, and there is someone out there who specializes in addressing that problem. Whether it’s a broken car, a computer glitch, or even a broken heart – call the expert, they’ll fix us right up. […]

The Skeleton Crew

Book Review by Edward Jay Epstein in the Wall Street Journal: “…Even in an age when we are tracked electronically by our phone companies at every single moment, about 4,000 unidentified corpses turn up in the U.S. every year, of which about half have been murdered. In 2007 no fewer than 13,500 sets of unidentified […]

Countable Wants To Make Politics A ‘Continual Conversation’

Cat Zakrzewski in Techcrunch: “Telling your senator how to vote is as easy as “liking” a Facebook picture, thanks to a new app from the creators of TV streaming service SideReel. Countable, available for iOS and coming to Android soon, presents a succinct summary of each piece of legislation Congress is considering, along with a […]