Crowd-Sourced, Gamified Solutions to Geopolitical Issues

Gamification Corp: “Daniel Green, co-founder and CTO of Wikistrat, spoke at GSummit 2014 on an intriguing topic: How Gamification Motivates All Age Groups: Or How to Get Retired Generals to Play Games Alongside Students and Interns. Wikistrat, a crowdsourced consulting company, leverages a worldwide network of experts from various industries to solve some of the […]

Beyond just politics: A systematic literature review of online participation

Paper by Christoph Lutz, Christian Pieter Hoffmann, and Miriam Meckel in First Monday :”This paper presents a systematic literature review of the current state–of–research on online participation. The review draws on four databases and is guided by the application of six topical search terms. The analysis strives to differentiate distinct forms of online participation and […]

Collective intelligence and stupidity. Where are we headed?

Mulgan, Geoff in Ethics Quarterly  (Issue 96 (Winter 2014): “A thorough and more rounded understanding of collective intelligence matters for obvious reasons: to help avoid unnecessary errors and disasters and to benefit from the explosion of new digital technologies. What does the future hold for both collective intelligence and collective stupidity?”….

America in Decay

Francis Fukuyama in Foreign Affairs:”… Institutions are “stable, valued, recurring patterns of behaviour”, as Huntington put it, the most important function of which is to facilitate collective action. Without some set of clear and relatively stable rules, human beings would have to renegotiate their interactions at every turn. Such rules are often culturally determined and […]

Twitter Analytics Project HealthMap Outperforming WHO in Ebola Tracking

HIS Talk: “HealthMap, a collaborative data analytics project launched in 2006 between Harvard Medical School and Boston Children’s Hospital, has been quietly tracking the recent Ebola outbreak in Western Africa with notable accuracy, beating the World Health Organization’s own tracking efforts by two weeks in some instances. HealthMap aggregates information from a variety of online […]


“RegData, developed by Patrick A. McLaughlin, Omar Al-Ubaydli, and the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, improves dramatically on the existing methods used to quantify regulations. Previous efforts to assess the extent of regulation in the United States have used imprecise variables such as the number of pages published in the Federal Register or the […]

For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights

Steve Lohr in the New York Times: “Technology revolutions come in measured, sometimes foot-dragging steps. The lab science and marketing enthusiasm tend to underestimate the bottlenecks to progress that must be overcome with hard work and practical engineering. The field known as “big data” offers a contemporary case study. The catchphrase stands for the modern […]

Bloomberg Philanthropies Announces Major New Investment In City Halls’ Capacity To Innovate

Press Release: “Bloomberg Philanthropies today announced a new $45 million investment to boost the capacity of city halls to use innovation to tackle major challenges and improve urban life. The foundation will direct significant funding and other assistance to help dozens of cities adopt the Innovation Delivery model, an approach to generating and implementing new […]

Not just the government’s playbook

Mike Loukides at Radar: “Whenever I hear someone say that “government should be run like a business,” my first reaction is “do you know how badly most businesses are run?” Seriously. I do not want my government to run like a business — whether it’s like the local restaurants that pop up and die like […]