Set It and Forget It: How Default Settings Rule the World

Lena Groeger at ProPublica: “We’ve seen how design can keep us away from harm and save our lives. But there is a more subtle way that design influences our daily decisions and behavior – whether we know it or not. It’s not sexy or trendy or flashy in any way. I’m talking about defaults. Defaults are the settings […]

Nudging patients into clinical trials

Bradley J. Fikes in the San Diego Union Tribune: “The modern era’s dramatic advances in medical care relies on more than scientists, doctors and biomedical companies. None of it could come to fruition without patients willing to risk trying experimental therapies to see if they are safe and effective. More than 220,000 clinical trials are taking […]

Evidence-based policy and policy as ‘translation’: designing a model for policymaking

Jo Ingold  and Mark Monaghan at the LSE Politics and Policy Blog: “It’s fair to say that research has never monopolised the policy process to the extent that policies are formulated solely, or even primarily, upon evidence. At the same time, research is never entirely absent from the process nor is it always exploited to justify a pre-existing […]

Datavores of Local Government

Tom Symons at NESTA: “How data can help councils provide more personalised, effective and efficient services. Key findings After years of hype and little delivery, councils are now using big and small data in a range of innovative ways to improve decision making and inform public service transformation. Emerging trends in the use of data […]

Ethics for Big Data and Analytics

Daniel E. O’Leary at IEEE Intelligent Systems: “This article investigates some issues associated with big data and analytics (big data) and ethics, examining how big data ethics are different than computer ethics and other more general ethical frameworks. In so doing, the author briefly investigates some of the previous research in “computer ethics,” reviews some codes of […]

Technology Is Monitoring the Urban Landscape

Quentin Hardy in the New York Times: “Big City is watching you. It will do it with camera-equipped drones that inspect municipal powerlines and robotic cars that know where people go. Sensor-laden streetlights will change brightness based on danger levels. Technologists and urban planners are working on a major transformation of urban landscapes over the next […]

Big data for government good: using analytics for policymaking

Kent Smetters in The Hill: ” Big Data and analytics are driving advancements that touch nearly every part of our lives. From improving disaster relief efforts following a storm, to enhancing patient response to specific medications to criminal justice reform and real-time traffic reporting, Big Data is saving lives, reducing costs and improving productivity across […]

Open data and its usability: an empirical view from the Citizen’s perspective

Paper by Weerakkody, V., Irani, Z., Kapoor, K. et al. in Information Systems Frontiers: Government legislation and calls for greater levels of oversight and transparency are leading public bodies to publish their raw datasets online. Policy makers and elected officials anticipate that the accessibility of open data through online Government portals for citizens will enable public engagement […]

Chat bot helps out in emergency situations

Springwise: “New York-based 911bot uses Facebook Messenger to report accidents and help users get advice….Knowing what to do in an emergency situation can mean the difference between life and death. But at the scene of an accident, as nerves takes over, it’s often difficult to remember to act rationally. Because of this, systems that guide […]