Understanding the smart city Domain: A Literature Review

Paper by Leonidas G. Anthopoulos: “Smart Cities appeared in literature in late ‘90s and various approaches have been developed so far. Until today, smart city does not describe a city with particular attributes but it is used to describe different cases in urban spaces: web portals that virtualize cities or city guides; knowledge bases that […]

How does collaborative governance scale?

Paper by Ansell, Chris; and Torfing, Jacob in Policy & Politics: “Scale is an overlooked issue in the literature on interactive governance. This special issue investigates the challenges posed by the scale and scaling of network and collaborative forms of governance. Our original motivation arose from a concern about whether collaborative governance can scale up. As we […]

The Data Revolution

Review of Rob Kitchin’s The Data Revolution: Big Data, Open Data, Data Infrastructures & their Consequences  by David Moats in Theory, Culture and Society: “…As an industry, academia is not immune to cycles of hype and fashion. Terms like ‘postmodernism’, ‘globalisation’, and ‘new media’ have each had their turn filling the top line of funding proposals. Although they […]

The science prize that’s making waves

Gillian Tett at the Financial Times: “The Ocean Health XPrize reveals a new fashion among philanthropists’…There is another reason why the Ocean Health XPrize fascinates me: what it reveals about the new fashion among philanthropists for handing out big scientific prizes. The idea is not a new one: wealthy people and governments have been giving […]

Who knew contracts could be so interesting?

Steve Goodrich at Transparency International UK: “…Despite the UK Government’s lack of progress, it wouldn’t be completely unreasonable to ask “who actually publishes these things, anyway?” Well, back in 2011, when the UK Government committed to publish all new contracts and tenders over £10,000 in value, the Slovakian Government decided to publish more or less everything. […]

Science to the people!

John Magan,at Digital Agenda for Europe:” …I attended the 2nd Barcelona Citizen Science Day organised as part of the city’sScience Festival. The programme was full and varied and in itself a great example of the wonderful world of do-it-yourself, hands-on, accessible, practical science. A huge variety of projects (see below) was delivered with enthusiasm, passion, […]

Legisletters: A Hub for Congressional Correspondence

Daniel Schuman at Congressional Data Coalition: “…GovLab beta launched a new tool, Legisletters, which automatically gathers congressional correspondence with agencies and publishes it in a searchable, user-friendly interface….Members of Congress have a hard time tracking their correspondence with federal agencies, in part because of staff turnover and the absence of an inexpensive, easy-to-use tool. It is very […]

How a Mexico City Traffic Experiment Connects to Community Trust

Zoe Mendelson in Next Cities: “Last November, Gómez-Mont, Jose Castillo, an urban planning professor at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, and Carlos Gershenson, their data analyst, won the Audi Urban Future award for their plan to use big data to solve Mexico City’s traffic problem. The plan consists of three parts, the first a data-donating […]

The Trust Imperative: A Framework for Ethical Data Use

New report by Susan Etlinger: “The way organizations use data use is affecting consumer trust, and that trust affects not just a brand’s reputation, but its business performance as well. As a result, chief executives who wish to sustain the trust of their customers and constituents must take a hard look at how their organizations collect […]