GovLab Editorial Board Meeting Links, 7/23/13

  1. Health Insurer’s App Helps Users Track Themselves – MIT Technology Review: “CarePass can integrate data from wearable tracking devices like Fitbit or Jawbone’s UP, as well as apps like MapMyRun; it can take into account doctor visits, prescriptions, and blood pressure or cholesterol records. It will also point users to trustworthy symptom and diagnosis information through iTriage, software that Aetna acquired last year.”
  2. CureCrowd Knows Whether Morning Yoga Or Prozac Will Make You Feel Better – Fast Company: “What we’ve done is create a web site that crowdsources anecdotal medicine to make it scientific. Because once the numbers get big enough, it’s not a rumor anymore. If you have two people drinking coffee for a headache, that’s one thing. If you have 20,000, you have something scientific. It’s a justification to use something.”
  3. Scanadu Scout breaks Indiegogo record with $1.37M for ‘medical tricorder’ – VentureBeat:” The Scanadu Scout became the most funded campaign in Indiegogo history today…Scout is an example of the changing landscape for early stage funding, a landscape that now embraces crowdfunding as a source for initial capital, and for the health care industry where innovative startups and consumers are banding together to gain control over their own health.”

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