GovLab Media Library

What happens when you put 200 brilliant policy, tech, and science experts in a room to explore and design solutions that better all humanity? You get a lot of opinions.  A lot. That was our challenge as the media production team for The Governance Lab’s first Experiment in April. Our mission was to capture on video the knowledge, experience, and solutions of our group of great minds.

What we found was an overwhelming enthusiasm to engage, create, and analyze our current system, with a mind towards designing solutions for our future. Our Experiment 1.0 video is a synthesis of all of these thoughts.  How do we frame the problem? What are the solutions available? How do we create and sustain a culture of evidence based solutions?

It was difficult to only put a few phrases or sentences from our guests in the Experiment 1.0 video, so we decided to post the raw interviews in our Media Library. Think of it like a transparent resource center. All of our content is Creative Commons Attribution licensed. Which means we want you to download and remix all the content that we have in the hopes that it will spur change on your own projects.

We want our Media Library to be a place we can educate and engage our audience. In the coming months we will be:

  • improving the quality of our multimedia assets
  • adding more educational and narrative content
  • sourcing knowledge from our network of experts, and
  • teaching the young innovators how to translate their stories online