Help Us Map the Frontiers of Internet Governance

We are pleased to announce that the NETmundial Solutions Map is now open for anyone to add content!

Like Open Street Map and Wikipedia, the Map is a crowdsourced initiative — in this case, one that provides a comprehensive platform of ever-refreshed, curated information about global actors, solutions, and resources that is built by the Internet Governance community for the Internet Governance community. It has been designed to offer policymakers, business, researchers, and activists a better, more integrated, and more up-to-date understanding of who is following which path of response to which Internet governance issue.

A first prototype of the Map was launched in April. Today, we are opening it up to contributions from the whole Internet Governance Community, following the NETmundial Initiative’s Inaugural Coordination Council Meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. .

Becoming part of the growing network of NETmundial Solutions mappers allows you to…

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There are 6 easy steps to becoming a content contributor…

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To  access the Map and start contributing, please go to: And if you are interested in becoming an  institutional Content Partner, please email the GovLab at [email protected].

We eagerly invite you to use the Map, contribute to it, and — by doing so — help develop a tool that serves the whole Internet Governance community. Let us know your thoughts on how to improve it. Stay tuned for future developments and refinements.

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