How Companies are using Open Data to Innovate and Grow in Canada: OD 150 Canada now live

In order to demonstrate the value of open data as an asset for economic growth and job creation, the GovLab launched a platform and global network of countries tracking the impact of opening their data on entrepreneurship: The project gets beyond the usual discussion of the supply side, namely “how many data sets have been released” and, instead, explores the demand side of the equation, shining light on who is using the data and for what purposes, in particular how companies are using open data as a core business asset. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.13.19 PMCanada joined this network -which includes Australia, South Korea, Mexico, Italy and the United States – in 2016. Aptly, as Canada is celebrating its 150th birthday party on July 1st the project is called OPEN DATA 150 CANADA.  Our core-partner involves Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX), supported by Open North, the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario and ThomsonReuters. 

Today we are launching the OD150 CANADA website covering over 100 companies.  Users can quickly visualize Open Data companies by province, and from what government level and departments they’re getting the data. Digging deeper, users can also get a profile of the Open Data companies. The website will be regularly updated as more companies based in Canada fill out the survey.

Check out the site here and share your reactions!

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