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Julia Lane: Measuring the Results of Public Investment in R&D Using Big Data

The GovLab recently hosted an Ideas Lunch featuring Julia Lane, an Institute Fellow and Senior Managing Economist at the American Institutes for Research.  Lane spoke with us about the importance of measuring the results of public investment in research and development, and the many possibilities afforded by leveraging big data in this arena.  The GovLab […]

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John Wilbanks: Improving informed consent through design to advance science

Whenever you go to a doctor’s office in the United States you are asked to fill in a form and give your consent to the medical treatment that you need. Informed consent is the “process by which the treating health care provider discloses appropriate information to a competent patient so that the patient may make […]

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Jean-Claude Burgelman: How to Support a New Era of Scientific Research

At the latest installment the Ideas Lunch series, the GovLab hosted Dr. Jean-Claude Burgelman, the Head of Unit C2, DG Research and Innovation of the European Commission. The talk centered on the changing academic and scientific research market, in the Web 2.0 era. He also provided some of his thoughts on his most recent project […]

Chelsea Mauldin: How the Public Policy Lab uses design thinking to create better policies

Over the past few years, policy innovators have made an effort to move past traditional top-down policymaking and rethink how to improve public services by applying principles of design thinking. At the latest GovLab Ideas Lunch, Chelsea Mauldin, executive director of the Public Policy Lab, shared her experience using collaborative design strategies to tackle major […]

Dr. Lucy Kimbell: Exploring how design interacts with activism, social innovation and policy in the UK

In its latest installment of the Ideas Lunch series, the GovLab hosted Dr. Lucy Kimbell, a visiting Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) Fellow at the UK-based Policy Lab, an experimental policy innovation center within the Open Policy Making team of the UK Cabinet Office. At the Policy Lab, Dr. Kimbell is exploring how the […]

Bryan Boyer – Dark Matter: Stories from 5 Years of Helsinki Design Lab

At the latest GovLab Ideas Lunch, Bryan Boyer, the former Strategic Design Lead of the Helsinki Design Lab (HDL) shared his experiences using design and exploratory thinking to solve public problems. Boyer, who is now principal at Dash Marshall, and partner of Makeshift Society, has worked with a number of different organizations throughout his career, using […]

Doc Searls – Maintaining Independence and Privacy in a World of Security and Surveillance

At the latest GovLab Ideas Lunch, Doc Searls, author of The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge and co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto: The End of Business as Usual, and visiting scholar at the Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute at New York University, discussed Maintaining Independence and Privacy in a World of Security and Surveillance.  […]

Christian Bason – Redesigning Governance: In Search of the Next Public Business Model

At the latest GovLab Ideas Lunch, Christian Bason, Director and Ph.D. Fellow at Denmark’s MindLab and member of the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance, shared lessons learned from his work redesigning governance in Denmark. Far from the ivory tower, Bason and MindLab work with real-world institutions to improve processes and learn what really […]

Chris Taggart – OpenCorporates, the Largest Open Database of Companies in the World. What, How, and Where Next?

At the latest GovLab Ideas Lunch, Chris Taggart, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenCorporates, presented his company’s work as a case study of innovating by applying open data to better understand the corporate world. In order to build awareness of and support for open data, President Obama declared last year that open data “is going to […]

Alan Kantrow – Training Game Changers for the 21st Century: Lessons from the Field

For most non-elite students, the higher education system in the United States is fundamentally broken. Tuition and enrollment costs continue to soar. Many aren’t learning relevant skills to be successful in the workforce and are struggling to find long-term, full-time employment after graduation. There is an ever-widening socioeconomic gap as upward mobility is becoming increasingly […]