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Jesper Christiansen: “Applying human-centered design to public problems”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see posts on previous speakers like Panos Ipeirotis, John Tolva and Brian Behlendorf), Jesper Christiansen of the Danish Government Innovation Unit – The MindLab – spoke at our January 22 Ideas Lunch.  Jesper is Research Manager at MindLab, currently directing research and reflection across  multiple innovation projects underway there. An overarching theme […]

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How Do We Know Who Knows What?

This is a central question we are grappling with at the GovLab. We want to understand how people disclose their knowledge, experience, know-how and interests; how to make expertise searchable; and how to match relevant expertise with public challenges that need solving. Because we believe in the expertise of the public-at-large, we want to test […]

John Tolva: “The City is a Platform: Chicago’s Technology Transformation”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see our notes on previous speakers Brian Behlendorf, Joel Gurin, Deborah Estrin, Geoff Mulgan and Erik Johnston), John Tolva visited the GovLab on November 15 to talk about his experience leading the City of Chicago’s technology transformation as its first Chief Technology Officer under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and to sketch his vision for […]

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“Small, n = me, data,” Deborah Estrin Visits the GovLab

As part of GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheons (see posts on past speakers, Brian Behlendorf and Joel Gurin), Professor Deborah Estrin visited the GovLab on August 14th to discuss how increased access to “data about me” can be used to improve people’s lives. Deborah, a self-identified “marginal academic,” who likes to keep one foot in the […]

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Understanding Open Data with Joel Gurin

Joel Gurin recently joined the GovLab as Senior Advisor, and on July 17th, he spoke to the organization about his work on open data and its impacts on individuals, organizations, and society. Joel previously served as Chief of the Consumer and Governmental Affairs Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for two years and then […]

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Lessons from an Open Source Legend: Brian Behlendorf visits the GovLab

(co-authored with Luc Lewitanski) The GovLab welcomed Brian Behlendorf, one of the most prominent and enduring figures in the open source software movement, co-creator of the Apache Webserver and Foundation, board member at the Mozilla Foundation and CTO of the World Economic Forum, to give us a two-day teach-in on a variety of topics. On […]