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Re-imagining How We Provide and Govern Health Care Using Open Data

Earlier this week, entrepreneurs, data scientists, doctors, health IT innovators, and representatives from Washington gathered for the 4th Annual Health Datapalooza Conference in Washington DC.  What started 4 years ago as a 45 person gathering, now attracts almost 2000 participants. The two-day event included breakout sessions and app demos that explored innovative ways to leverage […]

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Data-Crunched Democracy: Data-Driven Campaigning’s Lessons for Re-Imagining Governance

On Friday May 31st, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania hosted Daniel Kreiss and Joseph Turow’s Data-Crunched Democracy Conference on the growing use of data analysis and voter modeling to inform campaigning. The conference brought together practitioners, journalists and academics interested in this burgeoning but still under-examined field. Rasmus Kleis Nielson, […]

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Re-designing our global systems to mitigate network risks

Dirk Helbing is a Professor of Sociology at ETH Zurich specializing in modeling complex systems, leveraging the availability of big data. He is best known for his “social force model” in which pedestrians are described and analyzed as “social forces” that self-organize themselves.  In the latest issue of Nature, Prof Helbing expands his model to […]

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Toward Metrics for Re(imagining) Governance

A new paper released by GovLab Research looks into “the promise and challenge of evaluating new practices of problem solving in governance, specifically citizen-engagement interventions.” The purpose of the paper  is to inform those innovators in governance who are eager to start developing a deeper insight into what works. The paper starts from the premise […]

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