… the best practices for designing, funding, incentivizing and implementing Grand Challenges and how to measure their impact

… what skills and networks can help people collaborate and compete in the digital economy

… how to turn data into trustworthy, actionable knowledge to get people engaged

… when crowds are wise, when they are not, how to leverage that wisdom through open data and how to define metrics that demonstrate success

… how government can develop the capacity to make the most of Prize-Induced Contests

… how to strengthen the connection between citizens and their elected representatives

… the best practices for designing, funding, incentivizing and implementing Prize-Induced Contests and how to measure their impact

… how to place tools and technology for engagement in the hands of mid-career, mid-level public managers in Masters programs in Public Administration nationwide, educating them on how to identify opportunities for their use in collaboration and civic engagement.

… how to balance local control of government with societal equality

… how to respond to the basic tension between using the instruments of representation, what we think of as the instruments of self-government, and modes of participation.

… all the factors – and their relative importance – that prevent people from voting.

… how to incorporate evidence-based decision-making in our governance structures to change the status quo.

…what government collected data could be made publicly available

….how IT applications can help address major societal challenges

…how innovations in science and technology change the way we work together to enhance our well-being.

…what the economic, political and social impact of increased transparency is?

…how to develop more effective, scalable models of virtual education?

…how to effectively crowd source solutions to public problems (through “expert networks”)?

…how to regulate for-profit industry in ways that are more automatic, more efficient, and less prone to regulatory capture.

…what drives and impacts citizen participation in governance?