If you are at the OGP Summit in London: we want your story!

Open Gov Stories is  one of our latest projects. It aims to capture the voices of innovators from government, civil society, the tech industry, the arts and academia talking about their work in open government and how it has helped improve real people’s lives.

We’re looking for clear, compelling stories of specific projects that have had a positive impact on communities, individuals, or entire countries. If you are at the Open Government Partnership Summit in London, please let us know if you have a project from your agency or organization that you would like to describe for us and you can make yourself available for 45 minutes anytime between 08:45AM – 18:30PM on October 31 – Nov 1 at the OGP summit to film your story in our recording booth (picture).

boot1In addition to specific questions about each project, we will ask each interviewee to describe:

How, exactly, has this project made an impact in people’s lives?
What were the main lessons you learned that might be useful to other open government projects?
What are your current challenges in assessing and building on the success of this project?

Open Gov Stories is part of The GovLab Academy, funded by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. The Academy is a free online community for those interested in teaching and learning how to open government and work collaboratively to solve public problems. All interviews will be posted with a Creative Commons license and made freely available online via the GovLab Academy. Online viewers will be able to submit comments and questions, learn more about each subject area, and click on additional resources, links and tools to help them apply the lessons of each video to their own work.

If you are able to participate, please come and visit us at Sir Robert Burns room (the fourth floor of the conference venue) or send us a note (info at thegovlab.org).

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