Innovating Government on a Global Stage (Open Government Partnership)

In the Spring 2013 edition, the Stanford Social Innovation Review features a supplement on the Open Government Partnership, with nine articles from OGP experts. They include:

Transforming Multilateralism: Innovation on a Global Stage by Jeremy M. Weinstein

Shattering Decades of Diplomatic Protocol by Maria Otero & Caroline Mauldin

Innovating Modern Democracy, in Brazil and Globally by Jorge Hage

Advocacy from the Inside: The Role of Civil Society by Warren Krafchik

The UK’s Transparency Agenda by Jane Dudman

Tanzania’s Transparency Agenda byElsie Eyakuze

Philanthropy Can Catalyze an Open Government Movement by Martin Tisné

India in Open Government and Open Government in India by Nikhil Dey & Aruna Roy

Building a Global Norm on Open Government by Aryeh Neier

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