Intellibins LLC Announces Launch of Private Beta Mobile App

A mobile app designed to revolutionize public recycling by providing users with step-by-step navigation

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK – June 18, 2015 – Intellibins LLC, a New York City based start-up, announces the private beta release of Intellibins™, available on the iOS and Android market. The Intellibins app is an easy-to-use, location-based mobile app giving users the ability to locate the nearest public recycling location while they are on-the-go.

Initially developed for Google Glass, Intellibins is a practical take on the geolocation of recycling points. Users open the app, select the item he/she wishes to recycle, and select a nearby recycling point from the locations identified on the map. Intellibins anticipates that the average user will be someone who prioritizes recycling or someone who would prioritize recycling if more recycling locations were readily available to the nearest recycling locations.

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“I once had to walk from 28th Street to 14th Street-Union Square to find a recycling bin. At that moment I realized how inconvenient curbside recycling was in a developed city like New York. The inconvenience is why I deprioritized recycling. My team and I are excited to fuse mobile technology with sustainability in New York City!” said co-founder Kathryn Hurley.

After winning a Google Glass hackathon in September 2014, the idea for Intellibins was born. The Intellibins team was a participant of a series of coaching programs, a project by The GovLab Academy, designed to help participants develop civic innovation projects from idea to implementation. In the Civic Tech for Local Legislatures and Legislators coaching program, GovLab’s CTO Arnaud Sahuget and NYC Council member Ben Kallos coached the team together, along with a group of several NYC-based projects that shared the objective of creating useful tools for local legislatures and legislators. Co-founders Sandy Woodruff, Kathryn Hurley, Diana Melara and Prat Tanapaisankit have remained dedicated to the mission of building an ecosystem that uses technology and open data to facilitate citizen participation in public recycling.

Adding two more developers and a community manager to its core team, the co-founders plan to iterate and expand quickly! In beta, Intellibins will offer users a mobile repository of recycling bins and merchant locations where recycling on-the-go items are possible. Near future iterations of Intellibins will allow users the ability to benefit from a recycling rewards program, integrate social media profiles, and “check-in” at recycle points! Intellibins is a modest step in creating a recycling ecosystem that will use technology to facilitate recycling and will enable the public, government agencies, and businesses to collect data about recycling.


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