Introducing Hatch: Tell Stories With Purpose

Jay Geneske at the Rockefeller Foundation: “Stories with purpose don’t just materialize—they’re strategically planned, they’re creatively crafted, and designed to achieve measurable outcomes.

Using the landscape report Digital Storytelling for Social Impact as our guide, we’ve rolled up our sleeves with our lead grantee, Hattaway Communications, and dozens of experts and leaders to come up with a tool that we think will be game-changing for the social impact sector.

We’ve named it Hatch.

Hatch is a concierge that connects you to a suite of tools and a growing community of storytellers to help you leverage your stories to drive social impact.

Each of Hatch’s five sections are designed to help you craft, curate and share impactful stories. As you build your storytelling profile, Hatch will suggest tools, case studies and resources customized to your needs. These recommendations will always be saved to your profile so you can access them later.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll find:

How to Make the Case to Invest in Story

Taming the Measurement Monster

Your CEO as Master Storyteller

The 40/60 Content Rule: Less Time Writing, More Time Sharing

What Makes a Story Great

Case studies from UNICEF, The Gates Foundation, charity: water, and Greenpeace.

Tips like Nonprofit Photography Ethics, Recruiting Volunteers on LinkedIn, and Using Tumblr to Collect and Share Stories.

Guides for use and measuring impact of platforms like Facebook, Medium, Twitter, and Instagram….”

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