“Learning Public Innovation” Conferences: Incentives for Learning Public Innovation

This blog post originally appeared on Politics for Tomorrow.

Smarter Crowdsourcing: A Global Online Conference on  Learning and Teaching Public Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

On January 16th 2019, the GovLab and Politics for Tomorrow convened a global expert exchange focusing on “Incentives for Learning Public Innovation”. The discussion was led with an input by Neil Bouwer on Canada’s Digital Academy.

The main takeaway from this online conference was that individual change or adaptation to a new practice must resonate within the organization. Certificates can only partially serve as a “currency”, the embedding of new skills into the working environment is a structural and cultural endeavour that requires management alignment. The purpose of gaining new competencies needs to be clearly communicated and interlinked with public value propositions. When building digital or innovation literacy, it is important to relate to existing levels of experience. Also, constraints in time and place need to be taken into account when designing the curriculum.

The next online conference is scheduled for April 17th, 2019 and will focus on “Curriculum Development for Learning Public Innovation”.

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