Meet us in Paris?

For the third consecutive year The GovLab is getting ready to participate in the Open Government Partnership Global Summit. This year’s OGP Summit will be held in Paris, France on December 7th-9th. The annual event’s international collection of representatives from across sectors will once again “gather to share their experiences and best practices and push forward the open government global agenda in light of the great challenges of the modern world.”

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We are eager to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones at this year’s OGP Summit – but we don’t want to wait until December to get the conversation started. We want to hear from you. Please share your feedback on the knowledge-sharing sessions, collaborative workshops and other engagements we are preparing for the Summit. What are you hoping to learn at this year’s event?


Problem Definition for Open Innovation and Public Engagement: Defining Public Problems to Enable Collaborative Problem Solving.

Workable solutions demand a clear and compelling problem definition. This workshop will help you think more critically about defining, scoping, shaping and articulating public problems you want the community to solve through open innovation and citizen engagement practices. See the full proposal here.

Unlocking Expertise in Governance Innovation

Through this workshop we want to better understand how OGP participants currently access expertise and share knowledge regarding open government interventions, to the end of collaboratively developing strategies and tools for making expertise more accessible within and across OGP governments. In particular, we will seek to gain user feedback and insight to aid in the continued development of the Network of Innovators platform, which seeks to enable governance innovators to share experience and know how to the end of accelerating the adoption of open government innovations. See the full proposal here.


Open Data: If you build it, will they come…?

Through this roundtable we want to define strategies for identifying and promoting the demand side of open data and increasing the alignment between supply and demand to expand the use and uptake of open data for social and economic development. In particular, we hope to collaboratively craft a framework for responsibly leveraging intermediaries, cross-sector “data collaboratives” and other demand-side entities to amplify open data’s ability to improve people’s lives – at the international, national and city level. See the full proposal here.


Open Innovation for Solving Public Problems in Latin American Cities: Case study of San Pedro Garza García, México.

Listen to the story of our pilot project, testing open innovation for solving public problems in Latin American cities. Through the pitch we will share why we decided to launch the project, showcase how it worked, explain the process of its design and the lessons we learned. Ultimately, we want to demonstrate the value of open innovation to tap into the skills, talents and abilities of diverse citizens to solve social problems more quickly and effectively. See the full proposal here.

You can send us your feedback through the discussion button at the bottom of each proposal. Looking forward to hearing from you, and hope to see you in Paris!