Networking and Learning Opportunities at the OGP Summit with The GovLab

A team from The GovLab will be at the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Global Summit in Mexico, led by Director and Co-Founder Beth Noveck and the Chief Research and Development Officer and Co-Founder Stefaan Verhulst.

We are excited to have the opportunity to learn from the nearly 2,000 anticipated attendees from 98 countries. We look forward to talking to practitioners from civil society and government to see what are they problems they are facing as they work to advance open, collaborative and participatory governance practices around the world.

We will also be launching the second version of the Network of Innovators (NoI), a skill sharing network enabling government and civic innovators to assess their problem-solving skills and get matched to those with complementary knowledge for mutual learning. This tool will enable conference attendees to be matched to those at the conference that have the knowledge they want and share their expertise with others.

We look forward to seeing you at any of the following opportunities to learn and connect:

    • Lightning Talks for Open Government (Wednesday, October 28, 1.30pm): The GovLab’s Director, Beth Noveck, will talk about her new book Smarter Citizens, Smarter State, that explains how public decisionmaking could be more effective and legitimate if governments knew how to use technology to leverage the skills and experience of those inside and outside of government.
    • Open Government and its Impact Workshop  (Wednesday, October 28, 5pm): Despite global commitments to and increasing enthusiasm for open government still little is actually known about its use and impact. What kinds of social and economic transformation has open data brought about and what is its future potential? How—and under what circumstances—has it been most effective? How have open data practitioners mitigated risks (for instance, to privacy) and maximized social good? How does impact differ across societies?  The workshop will be hosted by Stefaan Verhulst, Rebecca Rumbul and Martin Tisné.
    • How can Open Contracting Impact Development? Beth Noveck will be part of a high level policy dialogue on how Open Contracting can make all public contracting truly public, and how it is contributing and can have further incidence on governments’ development agendas and on the everyday lives of citizens around the world.
    • Building Your Open Data Network workshop (Thursday October 29, 9am):  Led by Beth Noveck, participants will connect with open data innovators to collaborate and learn, and explore  ways to share their own knowledge to help solve problems. You’ll have the opportunity to join the Network of Innovators and learn how to build alliances with your innovation soulmates.
    • The Global Impacts of Open Data (Thursday, October 29, 10am): This session will share and surface major takeaways from the collaboration between Omidyar Network and The GovLab on in-depth case studies on open data’s impacts across the world. In particular, the session will share evidence on how open data can create impact on citizen empowerment and decision making, effective and legitimate governance, economic and development opportunities, and solving societal problems. The key findings will be presented by Stefaan Verhulst and Martin Tisné. Practitioners representing open data case studies from 7 countries will also provide their reflections.

The GovLab team also includes Andrew Young, Julia Root, Dinorah Cantu, Batu Sayici, Chris Wong, Lauren Yu and Maria Hermosilla.

If you can’t make it to OGP this year, you can follow the conversation on our Twitter and using the hashtag #OGP15. You can also stay updated by signing up to get The GovLab Digest, a weekly curation of what’s happening globally in governance innovation.

We hope to see many of you at OGP!

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