New Lab + The GovLab Release Report on Circular Data for a Circular City

On March 7, The GovLab joined New Lab and partners at a sold-out event to celebrate The Circular City, a program that brings together entrepreneurs, city leaders, corporate partners, and university innovators to tackle urban challenges.

As part of the program, we’re excited to announce the launch of Circular Data for a Circular City: Value Propositions for Economic Development—our contribution to New Lab’s Circular City Research Journal.

Looking at potential high-value use cases in Downtown Brooklyn, we explore how “circular data”—the collection, production, and exchange of data and business insights between public and private sector stakeholders—can facilitate economic development to benefit both government and business.

Working with the City of New York and three “urban data” startups participating in New Lab’s Circular City program—CARMERA, Numina, and Citiesense—we were able to develop a framework for thinking about the potential and realized value of circular data, identify and analyze 15 circular data-driven use cases, and reflect on the enabling conditions, challenges, and risks associated with the use of circular data.

Circular data presents abundant opportunities for economic development, and it is our hope that this work informs future opportunities for businesses to work intelligently, collaboratively, and responsibly with city government in a manner that will advance sustainable data-driven partnerships.

We encourage you to read the report here.

For additional information, a press release announcing the Research Journal – which also includes contributions from Columbia University and Cornell Tech – can be found here.