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The GovLab Index: Open Data – 2016 Edition

By Robert Montano and Prianka Srinivasan Please find below the latest installment in The GovLab Index series, inspired by Harper’s Index. “The GovLab Index: Open Data” provides an update on our previous Open Data installment, and highlights global trends in Open Data and the release of public sector information. Previous installments of the Index include […]

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Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX) and GovLab launch OD150- Canada

Cross posted from Canada’s Open Data Exchange (ODX): Data is the New Gold. Open data isn’t what you think. It’s more than a transparency exercise for government. It stretches beyond social good. In reality, it’s a growing resource companies can leverage to affect their bottom line. Data is the new gold. Whether used to enhance, […]

Canada joins the GovLab Open Data 500 Global Network

GovLab is thrilled to announce the newest member to the Open Data Global Network: Canada. Canada joins an international network of researchers, open data organizations and government agencies from the U.S., Mexico, Italy, Korea and Australia that seek to understand how open data is used by businesses to create new lines of activities or jobs […]

Open Data Report from Australia – New Policies and Statements from PM Turnbull

In September 2015, The Honorable Malcolm Turnbull was elected Prime Minister of Australia.  In the following months, several important open data initiatives have been initiated from the Public Data Branch of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet. As well, new programs are being designed based as evidence from the results of Australia’s Open Data 500 […]

#CrowdLaw — On the Verge of Disruptive Change….Designing to Scale Impact

Coauthored by Maria Hermosilla This post is third in series of four “reports from the field” on #crowdlaw On September 24th, The GovLab held its third online global conference on Crowd Law. The goal of these peer-to-peer learning events are to deepen the collective understanding of what works, connect practitioners across the world and accelerate […]

Open Data 500 Australia study reveals early insights

Today the Department of Communications of the Australian Government issued early findings of the first stage of their Open Data 500 study. The Government has released 65 use cases that document the new and innovate ways Australian organisations are using open government data. In partnership with GovLab and along with other members of  OD500 Global Network, which include the U.S., Mexico, Italy […]

Improving Non-profits with Open Data

By Beth Noveck Over 2000 delegates from around the world, including government officials, civil society organizations, and business leaders, arrived in Ottawa, Canada for the Third International Open Data Conference (IODC) on May 28th and 29. Although there is no single, universally accepted definition of open data, generally speaking, open data is publicly available data structured for […]