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Matching Demand to the Supply of Open Data Know How: The Network of Innovators Experiment

By Beth Noveck and Andrew Young Over 2000 participants from around the world are expected to arrive in Ottawa today for the Third International Open Data Conference (IODC). The event follows last month’s first-of-its-kind Pew survey on open government data. Over forty countries have created open data portals and released over a million datasets for […]

The GovLab Index: Open Data (Updated)

Please find below the latest installment in The GovLab Index series, inspired by Harper’s Index. “The GovLab Index: Open Data” provides an update on our previous Open Data installment, and highlights global trends in Open Data and the release of public sector information. Previous installments of the Index include Prizes and Challenges, Measuring Impact with […]

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Americans’ Views on Open Government Data

Majorities hope that more transparency and data sharing by government will help journalists cover government and make officials more accountable, but very few think that government agencies are doing a great job of providing useful data, according to a new survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in association with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

Open Patent Data: A Report on the Roundtable with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

On December 8, 2014, representatives from companies, nonprofits, and academic institutions convened with USPTO staff and leadership for a dialogue facilitated by the GovLab on data issues and potential solutions. A summary of that meeting, prepared by a GovLab Team headed by Joel Gurin in a “Report of Findings from an Open Data Roundtable with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office” has now been released.

OD500 Australia

The GovLab is pleased to announce that OD500 Australia became the newest member of the OD500 Global Network. Open Data 500 Australia is the first comprehensive study of Australian companies and NGOs that use open government data to generate new business, develop new products and services, improve business operations, and create social value. The collaboration […]

#OpenData Victory: Court Orders IRS to Make Public Machine Readable 990 Non-Profit Tax Return Data

The Federal District Court for the Northern District of California ruled this week that the IRS must turn over the original, machine-readable versions of nine tax returns filed with the IRS to Plaintiff (Disclosure: I filed affidavits in the case on behalf of PublicResource and its demand to make these returns available). By law, non-profit tax […]

The GovLab Selected Readings on the Economic Impact of Open Data

As part of an ongoing effort to build a knowledge base for the field of opening governance by organizing and disseminating its learnings, the GovLab Selected Readings series provides an annotated and curated collection of recommended works on key opening governance topics. In this edition, we explore the literature on The Economic Impact of Open Data. To […]

Open Data 500 & White House Office of Science & Technology Policy Host Open Data Roundtable

Today in Washington, DC, The Governance Lab’s Open Data 500 team and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, with the US Department of Commerce, convene business, nonprofit and federal government leaders for an all-day Open Data 500 Roundtable discussion. The event builds on the Open Data 500 study (, designed to help  government […]

Protecting personal data in E-government: A cross-country study

Paper by Yuehua Wu in Government Information Quarterly: “This paper presents the findings of a comparative study of laws and policies employed to protect personal data processed in the context of e-government in three countries (the United States, Germany, and China) with rather different approaches. Drawing on governance theory, the paper seeks to document the […]