Open science policies in Europe: Adapting science to the 21st century

On Wednesday, November 20, The GovLab presents its next ideas lunch featuring Jean-Claude Burgelman.

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About this Event

Drawing on his experiences as the Open Access Envoy of the European Commission Directorate General for Research and Innovation, Jean-Claude Burgelman will discuss the potential of open science during this Ideas Lunch. Burgelman, who developed the open science principles of the European Commission, defines open science as a “systemic transition of the science system which affects the way:

  • research is performed;
  • knowledge is shared, diffused and preserved;
  • research is funded;
  • researchers are rewarded; and
  • future researchers are trained.”

Burgelman will explain how open science is needed in the 21st century to improve the return on investment in research and innovation, better circulate new ideas, deliver transparency, and make the field more fit-for-purpose. He will also review the EU policies that are in place to advance these goals and detail what remains to be done. Burgelman’s talk will close with a call for a commons approach to science, as well as a Q&A discussion with the audience.

Free pizza lunch will also be provided!