“People-Led Innovation” – a Project from the GovLab and the Bertelsmann Foundation – to be Showcased at Paris Peace Forum

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This Sunday, November 11, 2018, the GovLab and the Bertelsmann Foundation will join nearly 20,000 experts and practitioners from the fields of politics, economics, academia, media, and civil society for the inaugural Paris Peace Forum, to present their project: People-Led Innovation.

The project, titled People-Led Innovation: Toward a Methodology for Solving Urban Problems in the 21st Century, highlights a new methodology aimed at engaging citizens at every stage of the innovation life cycle toward solving major public challenges.

The Paris Peace Forum’s Selection Committee which received more than 800 submissions from 116 countries chose People-Led Innovation as one of 119 winning governance projects to be showcased over the course of three days at La Grande Halle de La Villette in Paris.

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Co-authored by Andrew Young, Hannah Pierce, and Stefaan G. Verhulst of the GovLab, along with Jeffrey Brown of the Bertelsmann Foundation, People-Led Innovation is a guide for city officials and others striving to improve people’s lives through innovation in governance by leveraging policymakers’ most valuable, but often overlooked, asset: people and their expertise.

At the Forum, the project team will share their insights with other relevant global actors who are working to secure a sustainable and promising future, while promoting global innovation and inclusive governance.

The methodology draws on lessons drawn from several previous experiments and practices, such as the GovLab’s Civic Challenges and Smarter Crowdsourcing, and the Bertelsmann Foundation’s Transatlantic Policy Lab project, which used week-long living labs in Boston and Athens to source innovative and neighborhood-specific recommendations. The project was founded on the firm belief that “when the potential of people is unlocked, cities can design and deliver services in the most efficient way possible – for the people that need them most.”

To learn more, visit https://www.peopleledinnovation.org/#/.

To download the full People-Led Innovation report, click here. To download the worksheet, click here.