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The GovLab presents Demos for Democracy, an ongoing series of live, interactive online demos featuring designers and builders of the latest innovative governance platforms, tools or methods to foster greater openness and collaboration to how we govern.

“remesh: giving groups a united voice to communicate”

On July 29, 2014 we had a conversation with Andrew Konya and Aaron Slodov founders of remesh, an online public platform that offers a community, group, nation or planet of people the ability to speak with one voice that represents the collective thinking of all people within the group. remesh was prototyped at a HacKSU hackathon early in 2013 and has been under development over the past year.

What: Watch the video to find out how remesh works before their official public launch. More information on what remesh does can be found here.

About Andrew: Andrew Konya (CEO/Founder) is a PhD student in computational/theoretical physics at Kent State University. With extensive experience developing and implementing mathematical models for natural and man-made systems, Andrew brings a creative yet and versatile technical toolbox. This expertise, in concert with his passion for linguistics, led him to develop the first mathematical framework for collective speech. His goal is the completion of a conversation platform, built on this framework, which can make conversations between countries in conflict a viable alternative to war.

About Aaron: Aaron Slodov (COO/Founder) is a current power systems engineering PhD student at Case Western Reserve University. A previous engineer at both Google and, Aaron is experienced in the tech landscape, and understands many of the current problems in the space. By enabling remesh technology he hopes to bring significant paradigm-shifting change to the way we communicate and interact with our world.

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