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How the Public Views Open Government Initiatives

By Lee Rainie, Director Internet, Science, and Technology Research, Pew Research Center Cross-posted from the MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance Blog Government reformers and advocates believe that two contemporary phenomena hold the potential to change how people engage with governments at all levels and how they are served by public agencies. The first is data. […]

A “calculus” for open data

Arnaud Sahuguet (The GovLab) and David Sangokoya ( The GovLab) at Medium: “The value, impact and promise of making data publicly accessible have driven citizens, government agencies and businesses to embrace open data as a way to increase efficiency, promote transparency and maximize utility…..While the rise of the open data movement has led to numerous […]

New GovLab Resource: R-Search – Rapid Re-Search Enabling the Design of Agile and Creative Responses to Problems

How to quickly, yet systematically, become smart about a topic when seeking solutions to public problems? What questions to answer that can help assess the problem and solutions space better? How to identify rapidly the stakeholders that matter? Today, the GovLab released a new resource seeking to enable problem-solvers to design agile and creative responses to public […]

From Governing: Measuring the Impact of Public Innovation in the Wild

Reprinted from my monthly column in Governing: With complex, seemingly intractable problems such as inequality, climate change and affordable access to health care plaguing contemporary society, traditional institutions such as government agencies and nonprofit organizations often lack strategies for tackling them effectively and legitimately. For this reason, this year the MacArthur Foundation launched its Research Network […]

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