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Crowdsourcing the Hall of Fame

It’s a happy day for some of us at the GovLab when two of our favorite things — baseball and governance — intersect. This past November, the sports website Deadspin announced that it was seeking to acquire the 2014 Hall of Fame ballots of one or more of the voting members of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America (BBWAA). Beyond setting out to mock what they […]

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Participatory Budgeting Year in Review: Looking back to the future

By Hollie Russon Gilman 2013 was an important year for Participatory Budgeting (PB). PB became more widely known and practiced throughout the U.S. There is great potential in 2014 for expanding PB across the country as well as working toward agreed upon evaluation criteria. PB is a process to enlist citizens as decision makers on […]

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… the best practices for designing, funding, incentivizing and implementing Grand Challenges and how to measure their impact

What is the role of government in solving really big problems? Is it the government’s place to set the research agenda for the private and NGO sectors through grand challenges? How can we facilitate open and transparent sharing of ideas and solutions between the individuals, organizations and broad sectors engaged with grand challenges? Can we […]

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The GovLab Selected Readings on Crowdsourcing Opinions and Ideas

As part of an ongoing effort to build a knowledge base for the field of opening governance by organizing and disseminating its learnings, the GovLab Selected Readings series provides an annotated and curated collection of recommended works on key opening governance topics. In this edition, we explore the literature on Crowdsourcing Opinions and Ideas. To suggest additional […]

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New York’s Big Participatory Budgeting Moment

By Hollie Russon Gilman, Ph.D. New York City has a new mayor: Bill de Blasio. The election of Mayor Bill de Blasio presents an opportunity for New York to innovate how it is governed by leveraging the expertise of citizens in new ways. In his campaign plan for “A Government As Great as Our City” […]

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How New York City uses Crowd-Sourcing to improve High School Selection

To help solve hard problems by leveraging the expertise of citizens, policy makers are increasingly considering the use of contests, challenges, and other forms of crowd–sourcing. As budgets tighten these offer many advantages for societal institutions—including paying only for results, establishing an ambitious goal without having to predict which team or approach is most likely […]

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Worldbank’s Jim Yong Kim: We must open and share our “most prized possession – knowledge”…

During the at Annual Meetings Plenary of the World Bank yesterday, its President Jim Yong Kim gave a speech announcing several changes “to align the staff, finances, and priorities of the global institution to meet the twin goals of ending extreme poverty by 2030 and boosting shared prosperity for the bottom 40 percent of the […]

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NEW Publication: “Reimagining Governance in Practice: Benchmarking British Columbia’s Citizen Engagement Efforts”

Over the last few years, the Government of British Columbia (BC), Canada has initiated a variety of practices and policies aimed at providing more legitimate and effective governance. Leveraging advances in technology, the BC Government has focused on changing how it engages with its citizens with the goal of optimizing the way it seeks input and […]

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Do you believe in sharing? The Common Pool problem

Tim Harford has an interesting article in this week’s Financial Time’s Life and Arts section (or Magazine for British readers) describing a famous academic dividing line around the question whether people will work together to save the “commons”. The key protagonists who have produced different answers to one of the most important social questions of […]

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Improving Government through Civic Hacking

Advances in new technology are opening up several new avenues through which citizens can now engage in areas previously the domain of the public sector. Initiatives such as hackathons are accelerating civic innovation by encouraging citizens with technical expertise to help redesign governmental architecture, improve government services, and create better cities. The emerging wave of civic […]

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