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Technology’s Crucial Role in the Fight Against Hunger

Crowdsourcing, predictive analytics and other new tools could go far toward finding innovative solutions for America’s food insecurity. National Geographic recently sent three photographers to explore hunger in the United States. It was an effort to give a face to a very troubling statistic: Even today, one-sixth of Americans do not have enough food to eat. […]

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21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data + Technology

The GovLab recently participated in an event hosted by New York Tech Meetup and Control Group and part of Talking Transition NYC on the “21st Century City – The Social Impact of Data and Technology”. The video, slides and other materials of the event have now been aggregated and made public by the Control Group. […]

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Participatory Budgeting Year in Review: Looking back to the future

By Hollie Russon Gilman 2013 was an important year for Participatory Budgeting (PB). PB became more widely known and practiced throughout the U.S. There is great potential in 2014 for expanding PB across the country as well as working toward agreed upon evaluation criteria. PB is a process to enlist citizens as decision makers on […]

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John Tolva: “The City is a Platform: Chicago’s Technology Transformation”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see our notes on previous speakers Brian Behlendorf, Joel Gurin, Deborah Estrin, Geoff Mulgan and Erik Johnston), John Tolva visited the GovLab on November 15 to talk about his experience leading the City of Chicago’s technology transformation as its first Chief Technology Officer under Mayor Rahm Emanuel, and to sketch his vision for […]

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GitHub for Government

In recent years, the online collaboration platform GitHub has become synonymous with open-source innovation. With citizens increasingly calling for governments to open-source their software products (Paul Ford’s recent article on the subject provides a concise summary of why doing so will lead to better software), many have suggested that GitHub could provide a meaningful first step […]

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A new vocabulary for the 21st Century: Socialstructing

Marina Gorbis, executive director of the Institute for the Future (IFTF), recently released her new book entitled The Nature of the Future: Dispatches from the Socialstructed World. According to the IFTF website, the book “offers an inspiring portrayal of how new technologies are giving individuals so much power to connect and share resources that networks […]

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Jason Shah: “Why I’m Excited about the GovLab”

Jason Shah reflecting on The GovLab Experiment @ his blog “: “Here are three surprising ideas I learned from my time during The Gov Lab Experiment: Pairing up influential government leaders with competent technologists gets products built, and actually used. One without the other is often an incomplete equation for problems that need government participation […]

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“Participation is Law”

A new paper in the Medical Law Review reviews the value of citizens’ participation toward regulating new technologies, while illustrating how “citizens themselves are regulated through the techniques of participation” – expanding on  Larry Lessig’s famous Code is Law adagium. The paper starts by highlighting the positive narratives that are usually associated with debates around ‘anticipatory […]

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A new vocabulary for the 21st Century: Crowdscaling

Let’s consider these numbers that were shared in February of this year: 3,190 TEDx events have happened around the world (since 2009) 800 cities around the world have hosted one or more TEDx event 126 countries have hosted one or more TEDx events 12,900 TEDxTalks have been delivered The first TEDx organizer, Krisztina “Z” Holly, […]

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Citizen engagement to co-deliver public services

An emerging innovation in how we provide public goods involves the concept of “co-delivering” government services. To improve the development, production, and delivery of public services, governments are increasingly seeing the input and co-operation of citizens to help out. A new report from  the IBM Center for The Business of Government, called, Beyond Citizen Engagement: […]

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