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Jesper Christiansen: “Applying human-centered design to public problems”

As part of the GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheon Series (see posts on previous speakers like Panos Ipeirotis, John Tolva and Brian Behlendorf), Jesper Christiansen of the Danish Government Innovation Unit – The MindLab – spoke at our January 22 Ideas Lunch.  Jesper is Research Manager at MindLab, currently directing research and reflection across  multiple innovation projects underway there. An overarching theme […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 8/1/13

Google: We can ban servers on Fiber without violating net neutrality – Ars Technica: Google Fiber uses a common clause in their service agreement to give them the right to boot server-based services from their ISP. But as home server technology becomes more common, does this language violate FCC regulation? Parliamentary report urges Australians to […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 7/12/13 — The Syria Conflict

Report: Web-monitoring devices made by US firm Blue Coat detected in Iran, Sudan – Washington Post: Blue Coat Systems produces network security equipment which shields against unwanted elements such as computer viruses. The equipment can also be used to limit communications, so it’s tagged as “dual use.” In Syria, for example, Blue Coat devices have been […]

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