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21st Century City: The Social Impact of Data + Technology

The GovLab recently participated in an event hosted by New York Tech Meetup and Control Group and part of Talking Transition NYC on the “21st Century City – The Social Impact of Data and Technology”. The video, slides and other materials of the event have now been aggregated and made public by the Control Group. […]

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A Global Week for Open Data

By Joel Gurin, The GovLab Last week was a memorable one for the worldwide Open Data and Open Government movements. (More on how those are related in an upcoming post.) Some key events in London and announcements elsewhere set new benchmarks for Open Data. Here’s what transpired: On Tuesday, October 29, the London-based Open Data […]

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Data Transparency 2013: An Open Data Benchmark

Blog from Joel Gurin (first posted at http://www.opendatanow.com/)   Yesterday in Washington, DC, our friends at the Data Transparency Coalition put on a first-time conference on Data Transparency 2013: The Future of Open Data Policy. As you can see on Twitter at #opendata2013, the conference attracted a diverse and engaged audience – more than 400 […]

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#opendata2013: A First-Time Washington Conference

Governing produces a lot of data. Governments generate, collect and compile vast amounts of data continually through activities such as collecting vital statistics, administering the tax system, recording government operations activity, managing public infrastructure and natural resources, surveying and recording public and private lands, processing regulatory requirements and managing social service delivery. Add to this […]

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“Small, n = me, data,” Deborah Estrin Visits the GovLab

As part of GovLab’s regular Ideas Luncheons (see posts on past speakers, Brian Behlendorf and Joel Gurin), Professor Deborah Estrin visited the GovLab on August 14th to discuss how increased access to “data about me” can be used to improve people’s lives. Deborah, a self-identified “marginal academic,” who likes to keep one foot in the […]

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Announcing: Data Transparency 2013 (September 10, 2013, Washington DC)

(We are delighted to be a Special Policy Partner of this event) #datapolicy2013: “The U.S. federal government is transforming its information from inaccessible databases and unstructured documents into open data – standardized, searchable, and available for anyone to access and use. Data.gov now hosts more than 75,000 data sets and supports seventeen communities of developers, from […]

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Re-imagining How We Provide and Govern Health Care Using Open Data

Earlier this week, entrepreneurs, data scientists, doctors, health IT innovators, and representatives from Washington gathered for the 4th Annual Health Datapalooza Conference in Washington DC.  What started 4 years ago as a 45 person gathering, now attracts almost 2000 participants. The two-day event included breakout sessions and app demos that explored innovative ways to leverage […]

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Next Week: MIT Media Lab Conversation with Beth Noveck

    MIT Media Lab Conversations Series May 29, 2PM, E14, Third-floor atrium Beth Noveck in Conversation with Joi Ito All talks at the Media Lab, unless otherwise noted, are open to the public. Please join us in person or via webcast. Twitter: #MLTalks Beth Simone Noveck is founder and director of The Governance Lab. […]

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If only we knew…how to define problems and ask questions to engage meaningfully with citizens

“A good question is one that provides ideas, solutions and legitimacy” While they are eager to engage with citizens, decision makers often fail to leverage the “surplus” of the crowd in designing policy solutions to social and economic problems. To engage meaningfully with and among citizens, the problem that needs to be solved must be […]

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