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Data-Crunched Democracy: Data-Driven Campaigning’s Lessons for Re-Imagining Governance

On Friday May 31st, the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Pennsylvania hosted Daniel Kreiss and Joseph Turow’s Data-Crunched Democracy Conference on the growing use of data analysis and voter modeling to inform campaigning. The conference brought together practitioners, journalists and academics interested in this burgeoning but still under-examined field. Rasmus Kleis Nielson, […]

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… how to respond to the basic tension between using the instruments of representation, what we think of as the instruments of self-government, and modes of participation.

By David Cohen, Senior Advisor, Civic Ventures; Senior Congressional Fellow, Council for a Livable World Here are my questions that stem from my experience at initiating, formulating and implementing public policy which has lots to do with policy and politics. A few words of caution. As important as elections are–after all it is one act […]

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… how to incorporate evidence-based decision-making in our governance structures to change the status quo.

By Mihaela Ulieru, President, IMPACT Institute for the Digital Economy; and Director, Adaptive Risk Management Laboratory What are the essential questions that we, as researchers and practitioners, need to pose or haven’t even considered yet? Due to the lack of adequate policy frameworks, the obstacles in implementing innovative solutions at all levels are the limited […]

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