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… the best practices for designing, funding, incentivizing and implementing Grand Challenges and how to measure their impact

What is the role of government in solving really big problems? Is it the government’s place to set the research agenda for the private and NGO sectors through grand challenges? How can we facilitate open and transparent sharing of ideas and solutions between the individuals, organizations and broad sectors engaged with grand challenges? Can we […]

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Improving Government through Civic Hacking

Advances in new technology are opening up several new avenues through which citizens can now engage in areas previously the domain of the public sector. Initiatives such as hackathons are accelerating civic innovation by encouraging citizens with technical expertise to help redesign governmental architecture, improve government services, and create better cities. The emerging wave of civic […]

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GovLab Editorial Meeting Links, 8/15/13

A Strangely Beautiful Map of Race in America – The Atlantic Cities: “Demographic researcher Dustin Cable’s Racial Dot Map is staggering both visually and statistically. How presidential elections are impacted by a 100 million year old coastline – Deep Sea News: “The legacy of ancient coastlines, chalk, soil, cotton, and slavery can still be seen today.   African Americans make up over […]

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